UX/UI Design
Project Overview
The product is an app for women who are going through pregnancy and post-pregnancy to achieve their physical and mental wellness. This product improves the quality of life of people during pregnancy and post-pregnancy by providing physical and psychological support. It also has the potential to help alleviate psychological stress by interacting with other users in a group chat and posts. This app can also be utilized by other audiences who are interested in developing healthy wellness during pregnancy and after pregnancy. The product is also designed for anyone interested in being a mom.
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Women who are pregnant or postpartum need physical and mental support. They need a social community where they can share ideas and get mental support.
Go Mama Bears app can give tips on how to improve mood and checks daily mental health. The app also has many recipes for women who are pregnant and in the postpartum stage. The social community page connects with other members of the app and shares tips and mental support.

User Research

Kate is a graduate student studying Education and working full-time as a sales manager. She enjoys outdoor activities. But she is worried that pregnancy would deter her from being active. Kate is married for 4 years and she is 4 weeks pregnant. She needs learning tools about pregnancy and physical and mental support. Kate also wants to know healthy workout and meal plans. It would be great to feel connected with other moms and share some tips.

Feature Matrix

Competitive audit results.

User Flow

Task 1. The user records daily mood and reads suggested tips.
Task 2. The user finds a recipe and saves it.
Task 3. The user shares tips with members in the “MAMABEARS”, a social media for the app community.

High Fidelity Wireframes

There are three major tasks built for low-fidelity wireframes.
More available in the full PDF file.

Usability Testing

A paper prototype user test was conducted among three participants.

High Fidelity Wireframes

There are three major tasks built for high-fidelity wireframes.
More available in the full PDF file.


Clickable Prototypes

Task 1. Log daily mood and read tips

Task 2. Find a recipe and save it to My Collection

Task 3. Read What’s New and share it to Mama Bears

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