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This is an e-commerce website for a bakery called “The Rising”. The contrasting colors and textures create a unique brand image. The website demonstrates easy user flows and
a visually engaging e-commerce platform.
Space for displaying artwork is difficult to find and not many galleries are available in the community.  Young artists want to grow their artist community and network with local artists. It is difficult to find what art shows are out there and make an organized list of events to attend.
Art To Space app can find space for an art display by contacting the available venues and spaces.  The user connects with featured artists and organizes a group show. The app has an interactive map of current art events and can be saved.

Word List Poster

Three words that describe myself as a designer

Brand Mantra

Explain what the three chosen words mean as a designer

Logo Ideas

Sketches and logo design development

Logo Anatomy

Inspired, dynamic, and balanced.

Logo Design

Final logo designs

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